Sigh – Scorn Defeat


This a special 2-CD edition Sigh’s ground-breaking 1993 debut. Sometimes the passage of time diminishes an album’s power, but in the case of Sigh’s Scorn Defeat, it has only served to amplify. It also shows just how diverse Black Metal as a genre can be. While clearly influenced by the likes of Celtic Frost and Venom, Sigh had their own identity from the start. The deft keyboard and piano touches are well-know in the genre now, but were extremely original then. Also, Sigh, by dint of their own nationalities, brought something fresh and new to the genre. The demos and rough mixes included in this re-release are worthy, and I particularly enjoyed the live Venom covers included. Never underestimate the might Venom. Nor the
mighty Sigh, still making excellent music to this day!

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9.0 Rating