Sofa King Addicted – The Hard Carnival

Starting straight out of the gates with a ripper of a beer swilling, hash smoking punk rock banger, Sofa King Addicted are back, taking no prisoners and drinking your bars dry. Recorded at the acclaimed Bathhouse Studios and mastered by Roger Lima (Less than Jake), The Hard Carnival delivers track after track of pissed off fury, quirky riffs and killer hooks with relentless fury.

 By track three, I’ve switched to a much larger glass of whiskey, the volume inexplicably keeps increasing and I can only picture my neighbours skanking about their living rooms. The pace only quickens as “The Time Is Now” blasts out the stereo; propelled by frenzied bass lines, and a driving drumbeat that sets the scene for what is perhaps one of the tightest songs on the record. “The Hockey Anthem” has me yearning for a Saturday night hockey game and a case of beer, scoring a hat trick of tight hooks, powerful riffs and attitude.

 All in all, The Hard Carnival is Sofa King Addicted’s strongest release to date. Keep your eyes peeled for these boys to hit the road as soon as they’re able!

Engineered by Nyles Spencer

Produced by Nathan Amey

Mastered by Roger Lima at Moathouse Studio

Recorded at Bathouse Recording Studio

Recording artists on The Hard Carnival:

Master Nate – Guitars, Vocals, Theremin, Moog Synth

Angry Ad – Vocals

Danny Addicted – Bass

King Tony – Drums

I'm a lifelong metal head and photographer. My favorite bands are Annihilator, Anvil and Death.