Staff Playlists – March 2020

Welcome to Hellbound’s latest edition of our staff playlists and picks! This month there’s an added category we’re calling symptomatic slammers. It’s a choice of any tunes that help to pass the time while people begin to get some cabin fever practicing social distancing. We hope you enjoy these recommendations and let us know what you’re listening to in the comments!

Steve Earles

Live: No live pick this month for obvious reasons. However, I found a
new stray cat that some git abandoned when the virus started (could
you all please welcome Salem to the fold). Now I have five cats, I’m
gonna teach ’em to play Heavy Metal – that’d be purr-fect. 🙂

Non-metal: Terror From The Universe. Groovy 60s sci-fi based tunes
courtesy of The Cramps!

Wild card: Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Oz, looking forward to seeing
the Ozman when this is all over, and they don’t come any wilder than

Symptomatic slammers: Mike Oldfield’s – Tubular Bells, always uplifting.

Arta Gailuma

Listening to: Dynazty. Was really looking forward to see these guys live at Karmoygeddon festival end of April. Will have to be some other time, hopefully soon.

New release: In This Moment – Mother. Out on 27.03.2020. via Atlantic Records/Roadrunner Records

Live: Monuments, beginning of March in Manchester

Non-Metal: Myrkur – Folkesange. Such a beautiful album!

Symptomatic Slammers: Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

Gruesome Greg

Listening to: Lowrider – Ode to Io

New release: Caskets Open – Concrete Realms of Pain

Live: We sure we want to include this category for this month? I was supposed to see Monster Magnet tonight (March 25), but that, like every other gathering of over 50 people, has been postponed…

Non-Metal: The Ramones

Wild card: Still planning to go to London for Desertfest on May 1 — although I expect that to be cancelled any day now…

Symptomatic Slammers: First one that came to mind was Accept – Pandemic from their post-Udo comeback album, Blood of the Nations.

Sarah Riley

Listening to: Gatecreeper – Absence of Light (Deserted, Relapse Records, 2019)

New release: Raider – Guardian of the Fire (Nomadic Arts, March 22nd, 2020).

Non-Metal: Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson – Waylon & Willie (RCA Records, 1978)

Wild card: Highway of Tears, a book by Jessica McDiarmid

Symptomatic Slammers: The entire Dying Fetus discography

Daniel Smith

Listening to: Arghoslent – Hornets of the Pogrom

New release: Old Man Gloom – Seminar IX: Darkness of Being

Live: Haha very funny

Non-Metal: Bones – Offline

Wild card: Nostalghia (1983)

Symptomatic Slammers: Viraema – Viraemia 

Laura Wiebe

Listening to: My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion

New release: Candlemass – The Pendulum and “Benediction” by Prophecy

Non-Metal: The Weeknd – After Hours

Wild card: Don’t Starve Together on PS4 (cooperative play)

Symptomatic Slammers: Devin Townsend’s multi-part Quarantine Project

Adam Wills

Record player and album cover for Warning - The Albums
Warning – The Albums

Selections from Adam’s #vinyloffice:

Tomahawk – Eponymous To Anonymous

Deathgasm – motion picture soundtrack

Subrosa – For This We Fought the Battle of Ages

Björk – Vulnicura

Opeth – In Cauda Venenum

Myrkur – Folkesange

The Gathering – if_then_else

Warning – The Albums

Melt Banana – Cell-scape

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