Vice Squad – The Albums 1981-84

Featuring 73 tracks over five CDs, this box set certainly proves the Punk ethos of value for money.

The first disc is Vice Squad debut ‘No Cause For Concern,’ which made No. 32 in the UK albums charts in 1981. Vocalist Beki Bond is a real star and gives great personality to the band. ‘No Cause For Concern’ is a pleasingly primitive and sincere mash-up of Motorhead and Discharge, and it’s as relevant today as it was then.

The second disc is the follow-up album, ‘Stand Strong Stand Proud’, which is a quantum leap in terms of production, song-writing and playing.

But Beki departed the band and was replaced by Julia ‘Lia’ Rumbelow for her sole album with the band ‘Shot Away’. It’s different to what came before but has a certain charm.

The fourth disc, ‘Odds N Sods’, is a valuable collection of hard to get tracks, including the excellent ‘Latex Lover’!

The fifth and final disc is the concert ‘Live And Loud!’, which captures the energy and power of Vice Squad perfectly!

A valuable collection for a band that made an excellent body of music in a short period of time.

Cherry Red Records

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