King Diamond, The Institute North American Tour

December 3, 2019 at The City National Grove, Anaheim CA

Heavy metal legend King Diamond made a stop at The City National Grove in Anaheim, California. Alongside opening acts Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, and Idle Hands. Unfortunately, I missed their sets.

The tour was called “The Institute” because it’s the name of King Diamond‘s upcoming new album. It’s expected to be released sometime next year, and fans couldn’t be more excited to finally have something new to listen to. 

King Diamond made his first solo entry into the scene in 1986 with the album Fatal Portrait, followed by his unforgettable album, Abigail in 1987. Since then he has released 10 more studio albums, amongst them titles such as Them, The Graveyard, Voodoo, and The Puppet Master.

King Diamond’s band features Andy LaRocque (Guitar), Mike Wead (Guitar), Pontus Egberg (Bassist), and Matt Thompson (Drums). Getting the front view of all the horrific madness was unimaginable. The level of production, theatrical value and musical talent is absolutely mind blowing. 

King Diamond puts together the most epic stage setups. The stage was decorated to look like a mental institution. The show began with the King being wheeled out in a stretcher bed. Not long after, you hear the opening of “The Candle” from Fatal Portrait. As he finally awakens, lost and confused, he collects himself and pulls a switch and the rest of the band appears from the back and start playing into the song.

The band played a long list of favorites: “Behind these Walls,” “Funeral,” “Arrival,” “A Mansion In Darkness,” “Let It Be Done,” “Voodoo,” “Halloween,” “Masquerade of Madness,” “Out from the Asylum,” “Welcome Home,” “Invisible Guests,” “Sleepless Nights,” and “The Lake.” When they came back for an encore, they played their songs “Burn” and “Black Horsemen.”

The madness that transpired throughout their entire performance was just fantastic.

And that concludes “The Institute” North American Tour. Until next time, all Hail the King.