The Number 12 Looks Like You & Godmother in Toronto, October 2019

The Number 12 Looks Like You & Godmother @ Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto Ontario, October 6, 2019

It’s been a decade since The Number 12 Looks Like You have played in Toronto and fans have been eagerly awaiting their return since they were denied access into the country the last time they were supposed to play here. Having just released their new album Wild Gods they couldn’t have picked a better time to return as the response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive.

Swedish hardcore maniacs Godmother have been carrying the torch since The Dillinger Escape Plan disbanded back in 2017 and they seem to be taking the responsibility very seriously. Their performance took place in the crowd almost as much as it did on stage and involved a limbo competition and a birthday celebration for vocalist Sebastian Campbell. The band has such a unique show every time they’re on stage and they know how to get a crowd involved better than anyone. Campbell is constantly running around the stage and into the crowd going mad. You can feel his energy from the back of the room. Drummer Emmet Cegila and bassist Daniel Noring hold down the fort on stage in Campbell’s absence with puncturing blast beats and acrobatics.

Once the festivities ended, The Number 12 Looks Like You were up next, and the crowd was anxious and almost couldn’t believe they were finally about to see them. They approached the stage and went into some songs from Worse Than Alone and the crowd loved it. As the show went on Vocalist Jesse Korman addressed how long it had been since they had been in Toronto and apologized for taking so long to come back, but they surely made up for it. They went on to play a few old songs and some new ones and midway through the set Korman got everyone to sit on the floor while they played “Jay Walking Backwards” as if we were all sitting around a campfire. It was pretty special and something you wouldn’t normally see at a show like this or any concert for that matter but that was the show in a nutshell. They make you feel like family during their set and it’s a connection that most bands don’t have with their fans but was beautiful to see. They went into some more old songs to wrap up their set and you could tell everyone was left incredibly satisfied.

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