Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity


Rochester, NY doom titans Orodruin are no strangers to Toronto, having played up here several times over the years. However, they had been strangers to the studio until recently – with sophomore album Ruins of Eternity coming out almost 17 years(!) after their debut, and 7+ years since their last release of any kind. But hey, as they say, doom is a dish best served slowly…

The album opens on a slow, sombre note with “Forsaken,” a gloomy, haunting number that soon settles into a steady, slow-paced stomp and a searing, emotional chorus that brings Warning to mind before picking up the pace around the three-minute mark. “Man of Peace” comes on strong with a hefty doom riff right off the bat, leading into a more mellow, vocal-driven verse and a clean chorus that oozes grief a la Apostle of Solitude. “Grave Illusion” is even more melodic, with shades of Pagan Altar in its folksy verse, although its chorus is sufficiently head-noddingly heavy.

The lumbering “Letter of Life’s Regret” is perhaps the most melancholic number on here, a longing, five-minute dirge with soaring, plaintive vocals. It’s worth noting that they pack a lot of emotion into relatively compact tracks – none of the aforementioned exceed the six-minute mark. In contrast, “War on the World” is a more uptempo march, clocking in at a shade under 4:30, while “Into the Light of the Sun” has a soaring, chant-along chorus reminiscent of Manilla Road.

“Voice of the Dark” might be the song most at home on their distant debut, anchored by a crunchy, steady, trad-doom-metal chug. But while Ruins of Eternity is definitely a more melodic take on doom than their first record – less Gates of Slumber and more Apostle of Solitude – this is not a bad thing by any stretch.

(Cruz del Sur)

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8.0 Rating

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