Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions


And now for something completely different… Elder, one of the most talented outfits in the stoner rock realm, have gone krautrock with what was supposed to be a limited-edition vinyl release. The Gold & Silver Sessions features just three tracks, yet spans nearly 35 minutes, with plenty of progressive flourishes.

“Illusory Motion” kicks things off with nearly 10 minutes of light, mellow riffs above a steady, mid-paced backbeat, with notes ringing out in a post-rock fashion. Rather than being riff-driven, it’s a more relaxed, noodling approach, with a clean, soaring section that starts around the 3:30 mark and lasts for over a minute before the band fades out, aside from the guitar, signaling not so much a change in pace as a slight pivot. It’s only at the 7:30 mark do we get anything that might be called a “riff” – and it’s a real doozy!

“Im Morgengrauen” is even more mellow, starting off with some synthesized bells and flute effects, alongside some jazzy guitar. Despite a building drum beat around the two-minute mark, it remains rather laid-back and spaced-out, more of a jangly, proggy vibe somewhat akin to Hawkwind.

“Weißensee” is the piece de resistance, an 18-and-a-half-minute epic that offers steady beats, ringing guitars and the underlying sound of rumbling engines. This is actually quite pleasant and relaxing to listen to – not words I’d normally associate with Elder, mind you. And it ends with one heck of crashing climax…it just took 16 minutes to get there.

(Blues Funeral Recordings)

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