Amon Amarth live in Edmonton

@ Shaw Conference Centre with At the Gates, Arch Enemy & Grand Magus, 30 September 2019

Well that was quite the Swedish invasion we had the other night here in Edmonton. Probably one of the heaviest shows I’ve attended this year as well. Great show, the only thing that brought down the evening was finding out that a man that just attended the show was stabbed and unfortunately later succumbed to his injuries.

Opening the night, we had the heavy three-piece Grand Magus. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth coming for the opening acts when you’re not familiar with them. On Monday night I’m really glad I came early to see everyone. I really hope they come through Edmonton again sometime soon.

At The Gates I know there was a lot of people that were excited to see them. This was only their second time back in Edmonton after reforming. Playing mostly newer songs fans still got the chance two hear “Slaughter of the Soul” and “Cold.”

To be honest I was a little hesitant to photograph Arch Enemy after a big shit storm that happened with the band and a photographer back a few months ago, I don’t much about that so I won’t get into it. As there were no forms or releases we had to sign I went ahead and shoot photos of them. This is the second time I’ve seen Arch Enemy, but the first time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph them. I was pretty excited to check out their Canadian lead singer Alissa White, as I hadn’t seen them in close to 10 years back when it was still Angela Gossow on vocals. This set was pretty heavy with new songs, but it was great to hear the classic’s “Ravenous” and “Nemesis”.

What a show Amon Amarth puts on! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a show with sword fights and a dragon on stage as well! Touring for their new album “Berserker”, fans got to hear a pretty even set of old and new songs. Known for having songs that are simple and similar in style but are executed extremely well, I’ve heard Amon Amarth called the AC/DC of Death Metal. I’ve only heard a few songs off the new album and about half way though the set a song that I really caught my attention come on. I had to ask another photographer if he knew the song and it said it was called “Shield Wall”. Over all I think it was a great show, the lighting for the first two bands could have been a little better but that’s often the case at lot of metal shows.

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. Metalhead and Camera Junkie.