Napoleon Victorious by Peter G. Tsouras

An Alternative History of the Battle of Waterloo

Published by Greenhill Books

I love reading and reviewing the work of Peter G. Tsouras, for his writing is as much about history as it is about alternative history. I would love to see him to an alternative history book on the Russian Civil War.

Events could very easily have different outcomes: Peter asks ‘what if’ and it’s astounding to see the difference even a small change in a battle can make.

Previously Peter has written well-received alternative histories of Gettysburg, Stalingrad and D-Day, and remember, you have to really know the actual history to write alternative history.

As an actual soldier (a lieutenant-colonel no less), Peter has an inbuilt feel for the world of war. In this book a very different outcome for the Battle of Waterloo is proven possible and it is well worth a read

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