AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: BORIS/Uniform @ Lee’s Palace, September 14, 2019

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Boris over the years, but it’s always been at Lee’s Palace (except that one time, in Baltimore), the place is always packed and they always put on a good show. Their discography might be incredibly varied, but that usually leads to a dynamic setlist — and this evening was no exception.

No local openers on this bill, with touring support coming from New York noise-rock outfit Uniform. This bass-less trio combines the vein-popping intensity of Unsane with a few more uptempo riffs of the NYHC variety. They were definitely not the worst band I’ve seen open for Boris.

While their performances can range from mellow pop to fast-paced rock to ultra-heavy sludge, often all in the same set, this particular Boris gig was more on the drone-ier side of things, with cuts like “Absolutego” and “Feedbacker” featured prominently. They didn’t really up the tempo until their encore, when they brought two-thirds of Uniform back on stage for “Akuma no Uta,” followed by “Pink” and “Statement.” On the plus side, this meant no blindside shots to the kidneys for your intrepid photographer until it was almost midnight. 😉

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