About Science Fiction and Horror – books in review

Sci-Fi Swarm + Golden Age of Sci Fi

A Sci-Fi Swarm and Horror Horde: Interviews with 62 Filmmakers

By Tom Weaver

Published by McFarland

Nobody could have written this book except Tom Weaver, who loves these films and is a superb writer. As time sadly and inexorably marches on and we lose the great creative talents of those who made this pictures, this book will become ever more valuable.

Personal highlights: 

Roger Corman on ‘House of Usher’ (1960. It is worth purchasing the book just for this, in fact a whole book of Roger Corman talking about his films would be a great idea.

Diana Gemora on ‘The War of the World’, one of my all-time favourite films

Ken Kolb on ‘Sinbad Goes To Mars’. An unmade Ray Harryhausen film no less! With some great production art by Chris Foss.

Tony Randall on the ‘7 Faces of Dr. Lao’

A wonderful book on wonderful entertainment



The Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Journey Into Space With 1950s radio, TV, Films, Comics and Books

By John Wade

Published by Pen & Sword History

This is a beautifully written and presented book, part history, part memoir, of a time that seems magical now.

John Wade explores the books, films, comics and radio plays that meant so much to him and so many others in the 1950s.

His writing is excellent. A highlight for me is the section ‘Science Fiction On Television’ which includes some excellent writing on Nigel Kneale’s ‘Quatermass’. Kneale is one of the great writers in any genre. I am surprised that Quatermass hasn’t been revived, the character is more relevant than ever. Shortly before his death, Kneale wrote a treatment for a Quatermass prequel, ‘Quatermass In The Third Reich’, so perhaps we might see that some day.

Overall, a lovely book, one well worth reading.


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