Pere Ubu – The Long Goodbye

Now into the fifth decade of Pere Ubu, David Thomas is still creating music that is fresh and original. What would you expect from a band that takes its name from an avant-garde play?

So, ‘The Long Goodbye’ is as special and unique as you would expect. Named after the famous Raymond Chandler book, Thomas sums up the album thusly: ‘This wraps up every song and story that Pere Ubu has been telling in different ways for the past forty plus years. It is one definitive hour that provides the answers to the questions we’ve been asking and delivers it up into what I consider the definitive destination.”

The Long Goodbye’ has a sound all of its own, very modern, very original, and I feel this is popular music in the very best sense of the word, something we don’t see enough of today.

Mention must be made of the excellent second disc ‘Montreuil’ – just like Cherry Red to provide an extra garnish to an already excellent package.

Challenging and enchanting in equal measure, this is music as it should be!

(Cherry Red Records)

Pere Ubu: The Long Goodbye, 2CDPere Ubu

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