Cruickshank – self-titled


This new Ontario noise rock band is made up of local metal scene veterans, dudes who’ve done time in outfits like Teethmarks and Greber. Their self-titled debut offers up 32 minutes of tuneage for people who like unhappy music.

“Clouded” kicks things off, a three-minute, mid-tempo, grinding dirge that even throws some blastbeats into the mix before the slower riffs take over. Vocals are definitely of the death-metal variety. “Coma Blue” adds some vicious chugs and even more evil growls to the equation, while “Hard Damage” is a solid, three-minute hardcore stomp, with a couple super-slow-mo breakdowns and a heavy, sludgy outro. All three of the aforementioned tunes are in the 3-3:35 min range.

“To Swine” is slower for the most part, but goes full-on black metal in its final minute. “Alexandra” is pretty good music to mosh to, with its pounding mid-paced attack and a couple karate-choppable moments…do kids still do that? “Nothing Survives,” the longest song to this point at 4:05, might be the closest they come to that Iron Monkey comparison in their press release, especially with that one particularly ominous, looming sludge riff…although the five-minute “Clean” also has its moments.


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7.0 Rating