PREVIEW: Helliad Fest takes its first steps in 2019

The very first edition of Helliad Fest will be taking place in Polish town Gdynia on 23-24 August 2019. First day of the festival will be indoors at the club Muzycznu Ucho in centre of Gdynia, day two will be open air at the park Kolibki outside the town, right in front of the beach.

Organized by an experienced team, the festival will focus on the more extreme side of metal, like death, black, doom and feature Polish and Scandinavian bands promoting cultural exchange between the two regions.

Helliad Fest will be a family friendly festival and will have a separate Kids Zone with attractions for the youngest.

Helliad’s debut in the festival world will start with some well known names. Main festival day headliners will be Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. Other Scandinavian acts will include Norwegian black metallers Slagmaur and Swedish death metal band Desolator. Featured Polish bands will be death metallers Decapitated, controversial black metal group Batushka, post metal quintet Obscure Sphinx, progressive extreme metallers Blindead, black metal band Blaze of Perdition, industrial metal six- piece Thy Disease, stoner outfit Belzebong, post/sludge metal band Entropia, black/ noise/experimental group Thaw, psychedelic/electronic quintet Sunwôrm, black metallers In Twilight’s Embrace and Nightrun 87– a synthwave solo project of American- British muscian/ producer living in Poland William Malcolm.

Line up:

23.08.2019 Club Muzycznu Ucho Gdynia 24.08.2019 Park Kolibki Gdynia


Thaw Decapitated
Sunwôrm Batushka
Belzebong Obscure Sphinx
In Twilight’s Embrace Blindead
Nightrun 87 Slagmaur
  Blaze of Perdition
  Thy Disease


Adult tickets from 64 PLN

Children’s tickets from 32 PLN

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