Interview: NECROT

After wrapping up their stint as part of the 2019 Decibel Tour in March, Necrot have not been just sitting around. The band has already announced more shows for this summer, including two exclusive Canadian dates (in Calgary and Winnipeg). And at the end of April they joined Aseptic in opening for Exhumed at Eli’s in Oakland, California. While they were there, Hellbound’s Todd Owens snagged some time to chat with members of Necrot.

Recorded at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, California on April 27, 2019.

Necrot is:

Luca Indrio
Sonny Reinhardt
Chad Gailey

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Upcoming Necrot shows:

Friday, June 7th, 2019 alongside Isotope, Shit Coffins, and Heavy Stench @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley, CA

Friday, July 19th with Begrime Exemious, Pathetic, and Cultist @ Dickens, Calgary, AB

Saturday, July 20th with Regurgitated Guts and Zombie Assault @ Good Will Social Club, Winnipeg, MB