Witches and historical “bad girls”

Bad Girls From History: Wicked Or Misunderstood?

By Dee Gordon

Now, this would make a great present, and in our current climate this book is very relevant. Among others, this book covers the lives of La Voisin, the 17th Century Queen of All Witches (a great title, she sounds like she comes straight out of a classic Hammer Horror).

One of my personal heroes Boudicca features strongly, as does another hero Grace O’Malley. Other women featured include Charles II’s mistress, Barbara Viller, Anne and Mary Boleyn, Alice Keppel and Mae West.

Pen & Sword have done a great job with the presentation and illustration of this book, but where it really scores is its engaging text, not only well-researched but cleaver and witty. I feel I lot of people would enjoy this book.

Published by Pen & Sword History



England’s Witchcraft Trials

By Willow Winsham

An excellent book on England’s witch trials, written by an author with a genuine passion and empathy for her subject. For instance, Winsham writes a brilliant piece on the case of The Pendle Witches in 1612.

We still live in a world where women are repressed and marginalised. In many respects we are still living in a medieval world as far as women are concerned. Look at the vile treatment of the Yazidis – the world looked away from this one with few exceptions (Amal Clooney for instance, a truly courageous women). I didn’t see the same people who marched against Trump marching against the treatment of the Yazidis.

So this book is a timely one. The medieval world is a dark reflection of our own, but none the less real for that.

Published by Pen & Sword History



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