Getaway Van – self-titled


Man, just the band name and the logo of this Vancouver outfit has got visions of Fu Manchu slowly cruisin’ through my head before I even push play. Hey, it’s no Boogie Van, but this Getaway Van is still Hell on Wheels, dude!

OK, so they might not be the closest disciples of the Fu, but it’s safe to say you can file this debut album under “Stoner Rock.” After a five-minute(!) instrumental intro, “Branches” kicks things into high gear, with sort of a spacy, punkier Hawkwind number as fronted by Lemmy. “Comin’ Back” kicks off with a Kyuss-style riff, before launching into some more typical desert rock fare, albeit with a light, airy chorus. “Follow Me” is notably darker but it’s still got some grooves, while, contrary to its title, “Ugh” is actually light, pleasant and radio-friendly… except in the lyric department.

“Blacktop Mistress” might be the closest they come to some up-tempo Fu Manchu, although the mellow surfer-drawl of Scott Hill gives way to a rougher, Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) style vocal. “You Make Everything” actually shows a couple shades of The Hip, particularly in its Downie-esque chorus, and speaking of CANCON, “Lord I’ve Been Running” sounds like something Monster Truck might’ve written—especially with its soaring gang chorus. Man, never thought I’d find a band that bridges the gap between Fu Manchu stoner grooves and CANCON radio rock like this.


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