Tangerine Dream – The Blue Years Studio Albums 1985-1987


I’ve only recently gotten into Tangerine Dream via their excellent soundtrack for the ‘Wages of Fear’ remake ‘Sorcerer’. So I really enjoyed reviewing this boxset.

The Blue Years’ is a value-for-money four-CD set comprising four albums released by Tangerine Dream between 1985 and 1987, a prolific period.

The first, ‘Le Parc’, is excellent and includes a reworked version of the band’s theme to the TV series Streethawk, 80s bliss!

Most interesting is the second disc, ‘Green Desert’ which began as a session in Berlin in 1973! Additional work was done in 1984, with the album finally released in 1986. A truly fascinating evolution of the band’s music.

The third disc, ‘Underwater Sunlight’, is a highly influential ambient classic. You can hear its influence in much of the ambient music that came in its wake.

Finally the fourth disc, ‘Tyger’, is inspired by the poetry of William Blake, and is a most uplifting experience.

For new and old fans of Tangerine Dream, this is indeed an excellent value-for-money boxset.

Esoteric Recordins/Reactive

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8.0 Rating