Staff Playlists, February 2019

This month, in honour of Valentine’s day, we’ve added an extra category to spread the love. We’ve also added a category for all you Anti-Valentiners out there. Come accompany the humans of Hellbound this time around for their picks, recommendations and hearts full of Metal.

Hellbound recommends

Bill Adams

New release: Royal Trux – White Stuff. Okay, so White Stuff isn’t out yet (it’ll be released on March 1st), but I’ve been listening to it a lot as I complete a review of the album. You’re gonna love it — Royal Trux’s first album of new material since 1997’s Sweet Sixteen sees the band incorporating digital and pop songwriting and production techniques into their fetid sewer stew, which creates a fantastic and fantastically weird mixture of hi-fi, low-fi, incredibly dirty and remarkably clean sonics. Find this record when it comes out! You will not regret it.

Live: I haven’t caught a show yet this year, but I’ve been listening to Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young and Crazy Horse a lot, and it was recorded at least partially live — does that count?

Non-Metal: Yup, most of the stuff on my list is. Thanks for noticing.

Wild card: The Old Firm Casuals – Holger Danske. After a solid amount of time up on blocks, a recent reissue campaign renewed interest in the sound of Lars Frederiksen’s “other” band, and so they’ve answered that interest with new music which comes surprisingly close to sounding like a concept album. Complete with reoccurring sonic movements which knit the album together and a (sort-of) consistent theme which revolves around Frederiksen’s European roots, listeners will get the sense that this album is intended to be a timeless work in that it avoids timely cliches and incorporates as many sounds as it can (including writing that ventures close to Motorhead, some which comes close to AC/DC and some which actually touches quadrants of Led Zep’s catalogue too) and still manages to keep it focused. The album’s digital release if February 15, and the CD/vinyl comes out on March 15 — so check it out.

Valentine: AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (vinyl): I recently came into a copy of Dirty Deeds… which plays perfectly and was originally released in 1976. This was a party album and copies got run into the ground! I can only guess that the previous owner of my copy was supremely unpopular and I reap the rewards.

Anti-Valentine: This Means War – Heartstrings. After releasing a really solid EP in 2017, This Means War has returned with an excellent helping of the same sort of melodic hardcore which won fans the first time. That’s right, it’s more of the same buzzsaw and bark, and anybody who knows this band knows that’s all it needs to be in order to be great.

Steve Earles

New Release: Venom – Storm The Gates. We’ll soon have a second album from Venom Inc; I wonder how it will hold up to this decent offering from the Cronos-led version of Venom?

Non-metal: I’m A Freak Baby 2. Fantastic compilation of proto-metal and underground tracks from the late 60s, early 70s, lovingly compiled by Cherry Red Records. You can’t argue with a boxset that includes the mighty Budgie!

Non metal: Lamb – Best of 1996-2004. Strange and wonderful.

Wild Card: Bob Marley: Conquering Lion of Reggae by Stephen Davis. Reading this amazing book, you see how materialist and misognystic so much popular music has become. Bob Marley was the antithesis of the bling culture; it’s a shame more pop singers don’t take inspiration from him.

Valentine: Crumbling Ghost – Crumbling Ghost II. Beautiful timeless music.

Anti-Valentine: Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Arta Gailuma

Listening to: Greek Black Metal – Lucifers Child.

New Release: As expected from my January list, it’s SAOR – Forgotten Paths. Released February 15th via Avantgarde Music.

Live: Polyphia. Even though instrumental, I’m telling ya, these guys live are amazing! For those into Prog Metal, Polyphia will be touring the states in April/May.

Gruesome Greg

Listening to: The Obsessed – Lunar Womb (MeteorCity)

New release: Kings Destroy – Fantasma Nera (Svart Records)

Live: Corrosion of Conformity/Crowbar/The Obsessed/Mothership @ Opera House, Feb 20

Non-Metal: Shinyribs – I Don’t Give a Shit. Preview YouTube video I Don’t Give a ShitI Don’t Give a Shit

Wild card: Just finalized travel plans to Maryland Doom Fest… so that’s happening.

Anti-Valentine: Iommi (Feat. Peter Steele) – Just Say No To Love. My go-to this time of year. Preview YouTube video Tony Iommi – Just Say No To Love [feat. Peter Steele] (Lyrics) – MétaLiqudeTony Iommi – Just Say No To Love [feat. Peter Steele] (Lyrics) – MétaLiqude

Matt Hinch

Listening to: I’ve been having a rough go recently so I’ve been finding solace in the works of Colour Haze and Pelican. All of them. As few words as possible helps sometimes.

New release: Yatra – Death Ritual. Do you like your doom on the dirty side with a sludgy element and some psych for added colour? Take advantage of that legal weed and you sure will!

Live: I missed the CoC/Crowbar show in Toronto but I am going to see K. Trevor Wilson March 1.

Non-Metal: Gary Clark Jr.’s newest (This Land) is a blend of blues, soul, R&B, hip-hop, reggae, Motown, and rock. Great guitarist and catchy tunes.

Wild card: I should be listening to the new Candlemass album soon. And I’m anxiously awaiting the new one from The Budos Band. Hopefully it’s as good as the single.

Keith Lloyd

New release: Overkill – The Wings of War

Non-Metal: Hank Williams III – Damn Right, Rebel Proud

Wild card:The Divine Comedies -Dante Alighieri

Valentine: Black Sabbath – NIB

Anti-Valentine: Woods of Ypres ...And I Am Pining For You

Sean Palmerston

Listening to: Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma (20 Buck Spin)

New release: Various – Trapped Under Ice: The New Face of Canadian Heavy Metal Vol. 1 compilation LP (Temple of Mystery Records)

Non-Metal: Wipers – Youth of America (Jackpot Records reissue)

Wild card: Sun Ra – Space Is the Place (Impulse Records)

Sarah Riley

Listening to: Cattle Decapitation – A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

New release:  Devin Townsend – Genesis.

Live: Doom Night @ Chainsaw, Waterloo. DevilsRadio, Space Pope, Stoned Odin.

Non-Metal:  Post Malone – beerbongs & bentleys (Republic Records, 2018)

Wild Card: The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp. Super odd read…

Valentine: Strapping Young Lad – Love? 

Anti-Valentine: Exodus – The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles

Daniel Smith

Listening to: Gardsghastr – Of Crimson Eyes

New release: Minors – Abject Bodies

Live: Decibel Magazine Tour w/ Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Necrot and Blood Incantation in Buffalo on March 6

Non-Metal: Freddie Gibbs – Flat Tummy Tea

Wild card: Climax at Apollo Cinema – March 3

Anti-Valentine: Pissgrave – Posthumous Humiliation

Laura Wiebe

Listening to: AtomA – Skylight (Napalm Records, 2012)

New release: The Moth Gatherer – Esoteric Oppression (Agonia Records, 22 February 2019)

Live: Gowan in Burlington on February 27

Non-Metal: Meek Mill @ NBA All Star Weekend

Wild card: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (HarperCollins, 2017). I plan to watch the film adaptation very soon.

Valentine: Scorpions – “No One Like You:

Anti-Valentine: Judas Priest – “Love Bites”

Adam Wills

New release: Soen – Lotus (Silver Lining Music)

Live: Augury, Unbeing, Iomair, Atria – Friday, March 1 @ Coalition TO

Non-Metal: Black Mirror: San Junipero Original Score – Clint Mansell

Wild card: The Orville Season 2

Valentine: Poisonblack – Escapextacy

Anti-Valentine: Iommi with Peter Steele – “Just Say No to Love”