Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire

It is a rarity for me to find a modern speed metal group that manages to peak my interest for more than a listen or two. While stuck on a train, I decided to kick back, pay too much for a beer and give Chainbreaker a listen. A few seconds into the album’s opening track “Atomica” I immediately became a nuisance to all those around me. After multiple requests to cease air drumming and headbanging, I decided it was best to pull out my trusty keyboard and engage my limbs in a more constructive activity.

Lethal Desire proves that Chainbreaker is more than just another notch on the bedposts of Razor and Sacrifice. With enough raw grit and power to keep the band sounding honest, and just enough of a spit polishing by the one and only Joel Grind, Lethal Desire has managed to breathe new life into an old and tired genre of metal. A track by track breakdown of this album would be nothing more than a disservice to the band, so pick your poison, indulge and enjoy Lethal Desire as loud as possible.

Label: Hells Headbangers

Release Date 02/15/19

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