Kyle Harcött’s Canadian Top 10 of 2018

Krash - Radiation Nightmare

10. Radiation Nightmare

  • Artist: Krash
  • Label: Independent

Saskatoonian, chafed-raw, fallout-scorched D-beat, KRASH makes you want to drink beer and crush the cans with your forehead. URP!

Human Agony - Goring Christ

9. Goring Christ

  • Artist: Human Agony
  • Label: Blud Auk Tapes/Invictus Productions

Offal-choked blackdeath D&C’d straight from the verminwomb of Ross Bay City, Human Agony’s relentless, horrific, martial sound is equal parts oppression and claustrophobia, and it’s just the kind of sickness Canada needs more of.

Blasphamagoatachrist - Black Metal Warfare

8. Black Metal Warfare

  • Artist: Blasphamagoatachrist
  • Label: Nuclear War Now!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Members of Blasphemy, Goatpenis,and Antichrist walk into Fiasco Brothers Studio… and the punchline is your face getting smashed into radiation dust with a tactical thermonuclear warhead. Devastatingly overkilling megadeath [fvkk off xian Dave] warmetal that knows nothing of nuance and exists solely to pummel you into a quivering blobule of human jelly.

Revenge - Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic

7. Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic

  • Artist: Revenge
  • Label: Season of Mist Underground Activities

It’s a new EP from Revenge. It’s as feral, rabid, chaotic, and violent as you should expect.

Greyhawk - Ride Out

6. Ride Out

  • Artist: Greyhawk
  • Label: Independent

Alright, so maybe “Canadian” is stretching it a little – Greyhawk hail from Seattle, but their bassist Darin is of true north hoser blood, so as far as I’m concerned, good enough. Anyway, to the point, Greyhawk kicks like a stubborn Harley panhead, and Ride Out is roadburned, fist-pumping, classic heavy metal par excellence that reminds you why you like this shit in the first place.

La Chinga - Beyond the Sky

5. Beyond the Sky

  • Artist: La Chinga
  • Label: Small Stone

The La Chinga brothers have consistently upped the rock ante for three records now, and Beyond The Sky just further cements their ironclad heavy rep. You looking for the riffs, pendejo? La Chinga fix you good.

Smoulder - The Sword Woman

4. The Sword Woman

  • Artist: Smoulder
  • Label: Hoove Child

I’m plenty irritatingly picky when it comes to doom. But from first listen, Smoulder come correct and lay down the kind of thulsa-doom-riff chudness that keeps me entirely engaged, and holy shit, those hooks! Hats off to Sarah & the dudes for a killer thunder-ride!

Nightseeker - 3069: A Space-Rock Sex Odyssey

3. 3069: A Space-Rock Sex Odyssey

  • Artist: Nightseeker
  • Label: Royal Mountain

Nightseeker were only meant to be Deaner’s fake band from the first FUBAR movie. They should have put out some jokey novelty tracks à la Sp?n?al Tap that nobody would give a shit about after one listen – but instead, 3069 is a legit barn-burner of classic heavy metal. that kicks ass. Now if only they’d tour, eh?

Cauldron - New Gods

2. New Gods

  • Artist: Cauldron
  • Label: Dissonance Productions

Cauldron write the kind of hooks I was listening to in 1988. They conjure up that virulent Dokkenesque nostalgia in my reptilian brain like not many other bands can. New Gods comes across slightly more pensive than previous albums, but that just gives it more power, in my opinion.

Reversed - Widow Recluse

1. Widow Recluse

  • Artist: Reversed
  • Label: Muerto en la Cruz

Holy shit, from out of (almost) nowhere’s thin air, REVERSED light a blackdeathrash fire over Vancouver whose noxious smokestench can be smelled all the way out to cHELLliwack. Il-brutto brimstone blackleather bootfuck battery unbridled for the rabid legions of hell. Can’t WAIT for more.

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