Keith Lloyd’s Canadian TOP 10 of 2018

Ominous Eclipse - Sinister

10. Sinister

  • Artist: Ominous Eclipse
  • Label: self-released

From being introduced to the band as they opened for Caym and Insurrection at the Brockville Memorial Centre, to befriending the band and trying my best to follow all their side projects, Sinister stands clear above it all.

Monster Truck - True Rockers

9. True Rockers

  • Artist: Monster Truck
  • Label: Mascot Records

Sadly the album does lose its focus midway through and ventures a little too far into unfamiliar territory for it to pay off. But it’s a great album full of good tracks.

Hexripper - Demo

8. Demo

  • Artist: Hexripper
  • Label: self-released

While some websites and writers would frown against a demo making it onto a year-end list, I won’t. “Light the Way” and “King Kilmister” are both great tracks. They just need to hurry up and do a full length album!

Blackrat - Dread Reverence

7. Dread Reverence

  • Artist: Blackrat
  • Label: Shadow Kingdom

Dread Reverence is the perfect example of a band that has found the proper balance of their influences. Clearly inspired by the likes of Venom, DOA and Motorhead, Blackrat infuses enough of their own personality to make the album stand out on its own.

Profaner - Bitter Dormancy

6. Bitter Dormancy

  • Artist: Profaner
  • Label: self-released

Hamilton’s own hit the studio hard this year to bring us Bitter Dormancy. Track after track of crushing drums, screaming guitars and brutal vocals keep me coming back to this album!

Infrared - Saviours

5. Saviours

  • Artist: Infrared
  • Label: self-released

I’m so glad that these guys are back! While I’m too young to remember Infrared V1, Saviours is a wonderful introduction to the band. Track after track, Saviours is an unforgiving thrash assault!

Mokomokai - Shores of the Sun

4. Shores of the Sun

  • Artist: Mokomokai
  • Label: Boonsdale

Released in the 11th hour of 2018 from Peterborough’s’ own Mokomokai, Shores of the Sun is relentless. Each track is loaded with swagger, spandex and sweat! This ones going to be staying on my stereo for awhile!

Black Wizard - Livin’ Oblivion

3. Livin’ Oblivion

  • Artist: Black Wizard
  • Label: Listenable

It’s not very often that a few seconds of a song will result in me dropping everything to find more. That was the case with Black Wizard. After the first tracks off Livin’ Oblivion, I was hooked. It’s not often that a band can draw on such a diverse array of influences and not sound like another clone of Black Sabbath.

Skull Fist - Way of the Road

2. Way of the Road

  • Artist: Skull Fist
  • Label: NoiseArt Records

Rounding out Canada’s unholy trinity of New Wave of Heavy Metal along with Cauldron and Striker, Skull Fist is back with a revengeance! Way of The Road perfectly captures the bands defiant, spit in your eye attitude while still managing to balance the bands relentless drive!

Cauldron - New Gods

1. New Gods

  • Artist: Cauldron
  • Label: The End

Perhaps I’m biased, but that’s the point of these lists now isn’t it! I’ve been a massive fan of Cauldron since the first album and I was pretty apprehensive to listen to a new Cauldron album when they have such a stellar catalogue. New Gods is everything I expected, wanted and more!

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