Wasted Theory – Warlords of the New Electric


Delaware’s finest purveyors of heavy riffs and silly song titles are back with their third full-length album. With tunes like “Bongronaut,” “Doomslut Rodeo” and “The Son of the Son of a Bitch,” they definitely don’t disappoint in the song-title department on this one!

“Rawhide Hellride” kicks off this eight-track effort with a groovy, 70’s style riff that brings the likes of Mountain and Montrose to mind. This one settles into a solid stoner groove, with a whole lotta cowbell, and a rough, leather-lunged chorus befitting of its name before giving us a groovy desert rock breakdown for dessert. “Drug Buzzard” is another straight-forward rocker, a crunchy cross between AC/DC and KISS with a gargled vocal more aligned with Lemmy. “Bongronaut” is more High on Fire than Sleep with its mid-tempo boozy sludge ‘n roll, although the verses give space for the vocals to marinate. And “The Son of a Son of a Bitch” is a real motherfucker.

In the back half, “Bastard County” delivers a menacing “can’t stop here” riff along with a punchy chorus, while “Weed Creature” picks up the pace for a gritty southern-fried punk stomp a la Zeke or Antiseen, albeit with some crushingly slow breakdowns around the 2:30 mark, which signal a change of tempo to the low ‘n slow. “Doomslut Rodeo” lasts quite a bit longer than eight seconds—it’s more like 5:25, with a solid, rolling groove that won’t buck you off. Still not sure what that has to do with any of the lyrics, though…


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7.5 Rating