Cantique Lepreux – Paysages Polaires


Cantique Lepreux are gearing up to release their second full-length album on Eisenwald on November 30, 2018 and it’s proving to be the perfect album to listen to during the snowy months. Quebec trio are yet again putting out some of the best black metal in Canada and they have nothing but masterpieces behind them.

With each black metal album from Quebec, they progressively solidify the validity of Quebec being the most solid province in Canada to find amazing black metal. From Gevurah to Akitsa, each release is profoundly inventive but also shares the traits of black metal that just work. Paysages Polaires seems like their swan song even though I can imagine they will be releasing ground-breaking black metal for years to come. It is a truly epic, emotional, reflective and beautiful piece of music. It feels like you are on a long journey through a snowy forest or out taking a walk and admiring your surroundings. It provides both sides. Each track presents no flaws in musical performance and has amazing factors that show the diversity in songwriting.

Paysages Polaires is yet again another amazing album from the trio and from the province. Cantique Lepreux deserves to be heard and appreciated. It’s instantly enjoyable and truly shows the bands innovative strengths. This album should be in your rotation as it is an amazing goliath of a record. I cannot wait to see what else this band will do in the future. Akitsa put Quebec on the map and Cantique Lepreux will solidify the province’s artistic validity.

8.0 Rating