Akitso – Credo


Legendary Canadian black metal duo Akitsa have returned yet again with a brutal black metal record that has turned out to be their most accessible, consistent and crushing record to date. All six tracks are completely brutal in their own unique way leaving this plenty of replay value. Every aspect of this album is either perfect or close to it and you should be thrilled that this band has released something that has turned out to be this good.

The record begins with an old-school sounding track titled, Siècle Pastoral, with production extremely reminiscent of Burzum’s seminal record Filosofem and it the production is gritty to the bone. This track is also an excellent example of what the vocals on this record will hold and I have never heard more painful screams in any other black metal records in the recent past. You can never take painful vocals too far as it becomes almost humorous when you get to a point where Silencer’s Nattramn reached on their debut full-length Death – Pierce Me but the guys in Akitsa know exactly what they’re going for. The blast beats and tremolo picking gives an overwhelming sense of atmosphere and the riffs are truly headbang worthy that I’m completely overwhelmed by this goliath of a record. At this point in a review, my goal would be to attempt to mention a favorite track but I have none. Each track in this album is absolute amazing and to pick a favorite would be insulting. This whole record is absolutely flawless. We’ve had many amazing albums of 2018 so far but this is by far the best black metal record we’ve been given this year.

Akitsa has once again blessed the black metal community with another masterpiece, except this time they outdone themselves so much that this will be hard to beat next time around. Buy the vinyl, the CD, the digital copy and tell your friends about this record. Nobody should miss out on this record. This is the record to be listening to right now everyone and you’d be insane to miss out on this. The best part about this whole thing is how accessible it is. Anyone can listen to it whether you usually listen to Immortal styles of black metal or the more esoteric black metal from groups like Esoctrilihum. Akitsa has crafted a masterpiece of raw black metal you need to hear this instant.


9.0 Rating