The Death Wheelers – I Tread on Your Grave


Fans of horror doom, instrumental surf and biker rock, rejoice. The Death Wheelers combine all three on their fast ‘n loose debut album. Had a chance to catch these guys opening for Monolord, and they set the stage in their biker jackets and army helmets. I did not know they made this kinda music in Quebec City!

The title track kicks off I Tread on Your Grave, with an opening riff reminiscent of Electric Wizard, before they pick up the tempo to car-chase-sequence speed about 45 seconds in, only to throw in another lumbering doom riff some 90 seconds later. And unlike a certain occult doom outfit, this one’s all over in less than three and a half minutes.

“13 Discycles” has an eerie surf-rock riff that reminds me of the original Batman theme, albeit with a fuzzy, psychedelic solo. This one also takes a turn into slow ‘n doomy territory just shy of the two-minute mark. “Roadkill” opens with an, erm, interesting horror movie sound clip before dishing out some more 70’s-style stoner jams before “Sleazy Rider Returns” takes their eerie, demented car-chase rock up another notch, with a heavy, doomy breakdown right around the midway mark.

Hey, if Dario Argento were to come out of retirement, these guys could certainly supply the soundtrack for his next film…

Gruesome Greg

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