Ominous Eclipse – Sinister

Forging their own path towards the New Wave of Canadian Death Metal, Ominous Eclipse is an independent band from Ottawa and have shared the stage with contemporaries Insurrection, Endast, and Crimson Shadows. Their upcoming release Sinister, due September 14th, is a game changing release for Ominous Eclipse that places them center stage for my pick of the best Canadian Metal release this year.

The cover of Sinister is graced by a fiery apocalypse that crumbled civilization, created by Rifki Haq and Dark Days Design. The entire album is perfectly punctuated by chaotic rhythms and epic melodies: from the title track, “Sinister,” which screams of brutality and condemnation to the expertly written “Lost at Sea,” that takes you to the brinks of despair.

Every track stands strongly on its own, thanks to the band’s immense talent and flawless production. Ominous Eclipse is a band that carries the banner for the N.W.O.C.D.M. with pride and distinction. Out September 14th on all streaming platforms, I would recommend Sinister to fans of Death, Iron Maiden, Infernal Majesty and Gojira.


Release date: 9/14/2018

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