Into the Grave Festival, August 2018

10-11 August – Leeuwarden, Holland

This was the time and place to be for a weekend spiced with an exquisite selection of death, groove, black and symphonic metal. After a seven-hours drive through the typical German Friday’s traffic jams, I finally arrived at the festival location, unfortunately missing already the first two acts: the Belgians Toxic Shock and the Americans Toxic Holocaust. I did luckily get to see the show by the Polish technical death metal band Decapitated. Impressive live performance, perfect sound and great connection to the public.

Unfortunately, during the subsequent bands the small town of Leeuwarden slowly transformed into a lake. The clouds broke over the city for the next hours, pouring continuously. The crowd seemed to not be affected by it so the next bands Orden Ogan, Delain and Gojira enjoyed a loyal, dedicated public.

Second day started again with rain but got much better in the afternoon. Great names stepped on the stage on this day, such as Dust Bolt, Goatwhore, Dying Fetus, Paradise Lost, At the Gates, Children of Bodom and the almighty Behemoth.

I will not say much about each performance, because it takes more than words to express what an honor it was to be able to shoot some of my all favourite bands and have the chance to watch their full show from a few meters away. Stunning stage performances alongside an engaged public made the second day of the festival a total blast.

Into the Grave festival, you are one of the most awesome small festivals I have ever attended. You got super friendly staff, killer lineup and greatest atmosphere. Thank you for having me and as I already promised to some of the nice people i met there, see you next year, rain or shine!