Unshine – Astrala

Epic is an understatement to describe this fine album. Imagine Ritchie Blackmoor’s Rainbow (Dio era) with a brilliant singer in the shape of Susanna Vesilahti, and you’re only halfway there.

The melodies are reminiscent of Within Temptation or Nightwish but with a harder edge.

The music courtesy of Harri Hautala  is excellent, and again, epic! Another band that comes to mind is Dimmu Borgir.

Overall, a great album showcasing a great love of the music therein.

Rockshots Records: www.rockshots.eu/astrala-unshine-new-album




2018-06-01 Rockstar’s Tallin, (EE)
2018-07-27 Bar Rock Bear Vantaa, (FI)

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