Lesser Glow – Ruined


This Boston post-sludge outfit allegedly tackles the perils of clickbait and social media on their debut, 25-minute EP. If Unsane and Neurosis came of age in the internet era, and subsequently joined forces, it might sound a little something like Lesser Glow.

The title track kicks things off, six minutes of swirling feedback, slow, crunchy riffs and gloomy, can actually sing, when he puts his mind to it. “Vacant Throne” is a little more straightforward, with that punishing 90’s noise-rock stomp, but it is not without its lighter, airier moments, as well. “Tel Meggido” is notably lighter from the get-go, but there is still a crunchy rhythm section underpinning its more melodic structure.

“Empty Eyes” veers back into noise-rock territory with a steady, downtuned hum, before “Under the Polar Shade” ends things on a slow, jagged, Neurosis-influenced note, with a couple of lighter, mellow sections mixed into its six-minute runtime. (There is also a mellow, 98-second interlude in between the two tunes.) I might not be any more attuned to the evils of modern technology after listening, but this is a pretty good first impression for Lesser Glow.



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7.5 Rating