Jinjer live in Frankfurt, 18 May 2018

It’s been a while since I attended a concert in a small venue but I have to say that even though they are not the best lighted places, they offer the most intimate shows and the interaction between the bands and the fans is at its loveliest and most honest levels. It was just such a show that took place on a Friday night in Frankfurt where Jinjer and the guests offered a memorable evening.

Jinjer w/ The Dali Thundering Concept, Ohgod @ Nachtleben in Frankfurt, 18 May 2018

The night started with instrumental progressive post rock rhythms offered by the South African band Ohgod. Since it is purely an instrumental band I found it extremely interesting how they managed to keep the public engaged. Their songs just flew nicely and naturally and it was like they created that space for the public to get themselves lost into. With one EP and a full studio album, Ohgod will definitely become a great name in the post rock world.


Next act belonged to the Parisians from The Dali Thundering Concept, a progressive metal band who prepared the crowd for the headliners. They offered an intense show starting probably one of the biggest pits of the evening. After having researched the band I can definitely recommend to check them out as The Dali Thundering Concept is more than just strong metal sound. The greatness of the band comes across in the lyrics and the message that they try to send. They are on a mission to open the eyes of humanity and point out the mistakes we are all about to repeat if we don’t learn from our mistakes.


Finally, the Ukrainian metal band Jinjer hit the stage. I have witnessed for almost 2 hours the most interactive (between band and fans) show ever. Everyone experienced the show at its maximum and despite the small and full venue people even managed to crowd surf and offer Tatiana [Shmayluk, vocalist] some flowers (some even printed out some Ukrainian words and pointed them to the band). During the show the whole venue was basically a big pit and it was quite challenging for me to be able to get some still shots but somehow I managed to.

The setlist focused mainly on the latest album King of Everything and they also played some older Ukrainian songs. I have to point out, the transitions Tatiana is able to handle combined with the perfect notes the whole band is playing and the lovely way they sound live, Jinjer is for me the best 2018 metal discovery.