Carpenter Brut in Toronto, April 2018

Energized by the first signs of spring weather here in Toronto the strong, a packed Danforth Music Hall welcomed Frances’s synthwave sensation, Carpenter Brut.  The latent dance moves were just bursting to get out with the opening set from Le Matos.  With a carefully constructed lighting setup, these Montréal wonders had people screaming for “Turbokid” – a recent bizarro action flick which they provided the score for.  I snapped a few photos before retreating to the back of the room, shyly revelling in the nostalgia and good vibes.

Between sets the mood in the room shifted substantially; plenty of anticipation as Carpenter Brut set up.  Making my way to the front, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as Toto’s “Africa” started to blare over the venue’s PA, and an adorable chorus rang out from behind me.  It was interrupted by shouts of delight as the lights went down again and the party really got going.

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