Zeke – Hellbender


Not sure I was expecting to hear from these Seattle punk rockers again. Zeke last released a full-length record almost 15 years ago, and I was not aware they were still a going concern… not that I’m complaining. Buckle up yer bumper cars, as they blast 15 tracks by you in 20 and a half minutes!

From opener “All the Way,” they put the pedal to the metal with their up-tempo, pounding, groove-laden assault. This one’s got a pretty killer chorus and a really loud solo! “Two Lane Blacktop” throws a couple more stop-start riffs at ya, but they definitely don’t brake for children. “On the Road” has a gritty chorus that recalls Motorhead, while “Working Man” is anything but a Rush cover—this might be their fastest track (although the 49-second title cut comes close).

In fact, they hardly let up on their pedal-to-the-metal attack the entire time, only pausing for breath between tracks. Man, if they can still pull this off live, I’d be pretty impressed…



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7.5 Rating

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