Thy Kingdom Slum – A History of Dissent *CANADIAN*


Man, “Century” by Lodown was probably one of my most-played songs back when I was on CKLN. This catchy, groovy, heavy rock number had a few listeners asking me “Dude, who the heck was that?” But despite having such a killer track, the Windsor-based outfit didn’t get much respect—they always seemed to be playing the Bovine in the middle of a snowstorm, or a TTC strike, or something.

Anyways, I don’t think I’d heard from those dudes in nearly a decade when this promo landed in my inbox. Thy Kingdom Slum features two former members of Lodown—including their lead singer—which gives me reason enough to check out their debut EP.

A History of Dissent begins with “Reign / Black Flags,” a few heavy, Down-style breakdowns leading into a menacing mid-paced march more akin to Pantera. The chorus on this one reminds me a little bit of Lodown, too.

“Master Plan” is shorter and speedier—just a shade over three minutes—sounding sorta like the mid-tempo metalcore of someone like the Cro-Mags, but with a little more groove. “5even” slows things down a tad, the closest thing to doom on here, with a slow, brooding verse culminating in a driving chorus. For my money’s worth, this might be their new “Century.”

I’m digging the opening riff of “Not Your Enemy,” which also delivers in the vocal department. Pretty catchy chorus breakdown, too. But maybe the best intro riff belongs to “Presence of Mind,” the last song on the five-track EP. This one is another one of those Pantera-esque groovy chuggers, but with a chorus that really reminds me of my favourite Lodown tune. These guys are off to a pretty good start!

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