Seven Sisters – Seven Sisters

During the summer I attended one of Bad Reputation’s tenth anniversary gigs at Dolan’s. Bad Reputation are Limerick-based promoters who do a sterling job of promoting metal. This Halloween Orange Goblin are headlining their bi-annual Siege of Limerick festival – well done lads, you really have come a long way.

At that same gig, I witnessed Seven Sisters rip up the stage, giving an energetic New Wave of British Heavy Metal-inspired performance. I believe Seven Sisters are from and named after a part of London. Bands travel far-and-wide to play Limerick now.

I purchased their self-titled album with an aim of reviewing it when the opportunity presented itself. Released on the excellent High Roller record label, the album features excellent artwork and presentation, and the production by Seven Sisters’ guitarist/vocalist Kyle McNeill is warm and engaging. The song-writing is first class; back in the 80s Seven Sisters would be signed to a major label.

Best of all, this is music played for the love if it, without cynicism; no higher compliment can I give it.

(High Roller Records)

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