Crafteon – Cosmic Reawakening

One of the best things about writing about music is the gems amongst the dross you come across. Such a shining multi-faceted jewel is Crafteon’s ‘Cosmic Reawakening’. Imagine a Dimmu Borgir inspired by the tales of a certain H.P Lovecraft, and you’re half-way there! The clue of course is in the band’s most original name.

Musically, Crafteon are most epic and adept. Their playing is first class, and there is plenty of melody and variety in their music. It’s easy to get this sort of music wrong, and hard work to get it right. Crafteon have truly got it right.

A big part of this is band chemistry but also their lyrical inspiration. It’s hard to do justice to Lovecraft’s stories; so many films have failed but Crateon have it nailed. While they have crafts based on well-known Lovecraft tales like Dagon and The Colour Our of Space, they also tackle effectively less well-known tales like The White Ship.

The production is excellent, surprisingly organic and warm. The artwork and packaging is extremely well-done, beautifully laid out, with lyrics and illustrations. The band has a great image too. This really puts many major label releases to shame, and Crafteon truly do have the potential to be big. I could easily see them as part of a label like Nuclear Blast.

They also have a good sense of humour – I love the message on the booklet: ‘Any unauthorised reproduction is a violation of applicable laws and may lead to the summoning of the Great Old Ones or perhaps just the proper authorities.’

Overall, this is one of the year’s best releases and deserves the widest possible audience.


On tour:

Aug 25 – Denver, CO @ Lost Lake – (CD release show) w/ Sar Isatum, Amdusias, Solarfall
Aug 26 – Cheyenne, WY @ Peterfest w/ Horde of Draugr, Plaguehammer, Wodens Wrath
Sept 3 – Fort Collins, CO @ Surfside 7 – w/  Endlight, Infinite Conscious
Sept 7 – Denver, CO @ Roxy Theatre – w/ Inquisition, UADA, Volahn, Sar Isatum
Sept 29 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Ancient Mariner w/ Sceptres, Oaken Throne, Tovenaar
Oct 27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club X  – w/ Principium, Envenom, Unceremonial

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