Hollow Leg – Crown (Murder edition)


Now here’s a band that’s after my bloated, sagging stomach. I dunno if Florida outfit Hollow Leg can actually chow down with the best of them, but when it comes to throwing down, well they do a pretty good job of that. Crown, their third album, came out last year on Argonauta Records, but with a U.S. tour looming, they’ve tacked on two more tracks for this second edition, pushing the total runtime to 57 minutes.

“Seaquake” kicks it off, a pretty decent slice of Sleep-infused stoner/doom, with some lung-shredding vocals thrown in for good measure. “Coils” wraps another resin-soaked riff around a vocal-driven verse—and let’s just say, singing is not this band’s forte. But the end result kinda reminds me of Borracho or King Giant, which is not a bad thing. Nine-minute “Serpent in the Ice” is some solid southern sludge in the vein of Zoroaster, while the opening riff of “Electric Veil” is kinda like a jazzed-up version of “Dragonaut.”

OK, so they sound an awful lot like a buncha other bands, but this listening experience will still satisfy your hunger for southern stoner sludge.

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7.0 Rating