Steak – No God to Save


Mmm, Steak… These heavy rockers from the desert plains of London have returned with their second album on the always tasty Ripple Music. Don’t let the Dischargey album title fool ya—these guys play ‘r low ‘n slow, and like it done medium rare.

“Overthrow” opens the album, a seven-minute slab of rifftastic stoner rock. The guitar tones are like a vintage cut of Josh Homme, while the vocals are more akin to rough shoe-leather, with a few mellow passages to offset the heavy riffs. “Coke Dick” is a little more up-tempo, a raw, medium-rare groove that, at first listen, doesn’t seem to be about erectile difficulties. “Clones” mellows things out with a consistently droning rhythm that takes a couple spacey detours à la Monster Magnet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to work any meat references into that one…

The lighter vibes and nu-metal chorus of “King Lizard” are about as palatable to me as barbecued iguana, although they soon redeem themselves with the King Giant southern-fried grooves of “Living Like a Rat.” “Rough House” starts off a little lighter than expected, but it’s a pretty decent, straightforward doomy stoner track that kinda reminds me of Wino. The album actually ends on an instrumental note, with “The Ebb” sorta sounding like something from a spaghetti western soundtrack. Aaaaaand now I’m officially hungry!

STEAK: London’s stoner rock legends to release No God To Save album | Stream and share new song ‘Overthrow’ via Ripple Music

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