Striker – Striker


When a band releases an eponymous album it’s a statement of intent, a sign of confidence, everything being as it should be.

For make no mistake, Striker are a special band. As the old Metal Gods ascend to Valhalla, new gods will arise. This is Striker’s fifth album and it’s just timeless. Not retro, not looking back, but taking everything that’s uplifting and glorious about heavy metal into 2017 and beyond.

Striker are a real band of brothers (in every sense of the word!), and musically a ‘Killing Machine’ (in the Judas Priest sense of the word!). Opening with ‘Former Glory’, they remind me of ‘Don’t You Wait For Me’ from Vicious Rumours, a splendid statement of intent. ‘Pass Me By’ melds thrash fury with Cacophony-like shredding. ‘Born To Lose’ is just so heavy. ‘Cheating Death’ is heavy on suspense and atmosphere, I often thought listening to these songs that they would work very well in films, and I just love the Overkill-like bass on this song. The album ends in epic style with ‘Curse Of The Dead’.

Overall, this album has to be in every writer and fan’s top ten at the end of 2017.

Oh, and that fabulous cover will end up being a lot of fans tattoos by the end of the year!

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10.0 Rating