Mothership – High Strangeness


I’ve been a big fan of this Dallas outfit ever since I first heard their self-titled debut in 2013, so suffice to say I’m super-stoked for this, the third record from Mothership. More heavy rock than heavy metal, these guys create a potent concoction combining AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top with riffs that are thicker than a Texas steak!

The title track opens the album on more of a mellow note, a three-minute instrumental with a desert-rock feel somewhat akin to Kyuss, before “Ride the Sun” kicks it into high gear with a ballsy, bluesy, mid-paced riff. In its final minute, a shredtastic guitar solo picks up the pace into galloping NWOBHM territory, bringing things to a headbanging conclusion. “Midnight Express” continues with the vintage-metal vibes, with a pounding, pulsating guitar line that borders on Candlemass. I think they even say something about the “path to doom metal” in the lyrics…

“Helter Skelter” ain’t no Beatles cover—this one sounds much more like ZZ Top, served up with a couple slices of Stevie Ray Vaughan and a side of Frito Pie. After another instrumental interlude, we hit the homestretch with the compact jackhammer attack of “Wise Man” and the seven-minute southern doom of “Speed Dealer,” which has me headbanging like Beavis and Butthead on a cough-syrup bender with the riff that kicks in right around the midway mark. My only complaint is that this one is a tad too short—strip out the two instrumentals, and we’re only got about 27 minutes of tuneage!

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8.0 Rating