Godstopper/Grizzlor split 7”


It’s been a little while since Toronto noise-rock weirdos Godstopper have graced us with an album—and somehow, said record seems to have slipped my radar completely. But as I’m just getting caught up with their latest full-length, this tasty tidbit should tide us over in the meantime—a three-song, seven-inch split with Connecticut trio Grizzlor.

Godstopper gives us two songs on Side A, with “Down Here For Long” serving up two-and-half minutes of stop-start riffs that fall somewhere between Black Flag and the Melvins, culminating in a soaring, Nirvana-style chorus. “Cellophane” is a sickly-sweet melodic track with crooning vocals and slightly unhinged lyrics. Did not see that one coming…

Grizzlor combines two tracks in one with “Are You Doing Your Job/Jack and Diane” spanning seven minutes on Side B. The former leans on a lurching, lumbering bass line, toeing the line between Unsane and Biohazard, while the latter reinvisions the John Cougar classic as a frenetic sludgecore romp. It’s not really a cover, per se, more of an illustration of what happens when two American kids from the heartland take too much meth…

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6.5 Rating