Hornss – Telepath


This heavy trio hails from the Bay Area, and one guy is a dead ringer for a younger, pre-bearded Al Cisneros, but if you’re looking for Dopesmoker Part Deux, look elsewhere—the 11 tracks on Hornss’ second album clock in at a combined 30 minutes.

A heavy bass rumble begins “St. Genevieve,” and there are certainly shades of Sleep here, although they play at a slightly faster tempo, and this one’s all done in three minutes and change. The crash ‘n burn garage psych of “Atrophic” recalls local outfit Comet Control, while “Mazanita” sounds slightly like Dead Meadow—between them, these two tunes clock in at less than four-and-a-half minutes. “Prince of a Thousand Enemies” is one of the longer ones on here, at 3:13, and has some solid grooves that would appeal to fans of The Sword.

While most heavy psych outfits would lay on these riffs for a few more minutes, these guys keep ‘er short and simple. I can respect that—this review is about as long as a Hornss song.

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7.0 Rating