Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – self-titled


Both Scott Kelly and Sanford Parker are pretty much pioneers of post-sludge. Kelly needs no introduction from his time with Neurosis, while Parker has really established himself as a producer when not playing in Neurosis-inspired outfit Minsk. But their previous collaboration in Corrections House was far from the sludgy stuff… and so’s this one, for that matter.

Mirrors’ five-song debut stretches out over 45 minutes, with several lengthy overtures. “Oracles Hex” sounds somewhat like Kelly’s acoustic stuff, only replacing the acoustic guitar with some more unsettling background sounds. And there’s hardly anything heavy to be found within the industrial noises of “A Thorn to See,” a spoken-word number that drags on for nearly 15 minutes, though we do get a decent doomy guitar riff starting somewhere around the 10-minute mark.

“CNN WTZ” has some distorted guitar tones, but is sorely lacking in song structure, while “I’ll Try You All” sounds like something out of the Sunn O))) songbook. Final track “43” is somewhat more akin to Goblin, in that it belongs on the soundtrack to an old horror movie, what with its longing guitar and piano trade-offs, until it loses the plot towards the end. Through Silver in Blood, this is not!

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2.0 Rating