Bardus – Stella Porta


When I think Philly, I don’t usually think noise rock, but French label Solar Flare Records, home to the likes of Sofy Major and The Great Sabatini, thinks highly enough of this young trio to offer them a deal—which is reason enough for me to give this a listen.

Stella Porta comes crashing out of the gate with “Smoke Bath,” sounding sorta like a Kylesa track, while “Monolith” rumbles along like vintage Unsane. “Transcendence” mellows things out (somewhat) with clean tones and Scott Kelly-style barks. This four-and-a-half-minute number sounds like it could actually be part of a Neurosis tune. Meanwhile, “Haze” sounds like one of the more recent additions to John Garcia’s discography—Vista Chino, perhaps?—albeit with a more aggressive vocal phrasing on the chorus.

Even though this record is barely longer than an EP, Bardus sure cover a lotta ground in 27 minutes.…preorder-bardus-stella-porta-cd-digital

“Smoke Bath” premiere

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6.5 Rating