Cromlech: ascending to new heights


In the first entry of the 2016 edition of our ongoing series, Danielle Griscti takes some time to indulge in the sword-worshipping doom of Toronto’s CROMLECH. Commanding the attention of loyal listeners isn’t easy but CROMLECH are up to the task.. Below they answer a few questions about their past, present and future frolics.


Battles won

We recently returned from Malta, where we staged such a commanding performance (unveiling a brand new track) that we were crowned Emperors of Malta. Our future plans for our new Empire include the institution of a sword-based economy and the reformation of the Knights of Saint John.

One of our more entertaining local shows was probably the one at the Bovine last year where the smoke machine completely filled the small, poorly ventilated venue to the point that we couldn’t even see each other on the stage, much less the audience. The cloud of smoke hung around for an entire song (so for Cromlech, about 25 minutes) The sound tech later informed us that smoke machines weren’t allowed in the venue.

Another questionable “conquest” was our only U.S. show to date in Rochester NY, where our drunken state resulted in us being announced as Celtic Frost and our vocalist quitting the band in the middle of our set.

Battles in progress

We have a show coming up at the Coalition on February 20, supporting our studio mates Valkyrie’s Cry on their CD release, where we will be playing two brand new tracks. Be there, no excuses!

Aside from that, we have not been focusing on playing live, instead working on material for our next album, ASCENT OF KINGS. At this point it’s just a matter of polishing the tracks, adding a few final touches (layered leads, vocal harmonies, etc.). Tracklisting will be as follows:

  1. Cimmeria (A Christmas Carol)
  2. Unshakeable Weaponthane
  3. Lair of Doom
  4. Patria
  5. Born with Sword in Hand
  6. Iron Will / Iron Fist
  7. Ascent of Kings
  8. Turambar

And of course, drinking beer, fighting each other, and coming up with creative new insults.

Battles to come

In the immediate future, we’ll be recording a demo to be submitted to labels so we can get Ascent of Kings in motion.  Plus, of course, collecting tribute from our new peasants in Malta.

Roman’s long term mission for Cromlech is that we will be indistinguishable from a black metal band, except for the vocals.

Bonus: Top 3 most influential bands & band trivia

Baron: Solstice, Candlemass, Helstar
Kevin: Candlemass, Atlantean Kodex, Summoning
Roman: Bathory, Graveland, Celtic Frost

In “To See Them Driven Before You,” there is a “crowd noise” section towards the end which features, among other things, the reading of a beer label and Nicholas Cage Greatest Quotes.

The drumtracks for “Shadow and Flame” and “Lend Me Your Steel” on Ave Mortis were recorded with Baron singing an a cappella version of the guitar lines into a mic for Jake to follow.

Roman emotionally bullied Kevin into doing his vocal lines by sternly glowering at him the entire time through the window of the recording booth.  We did not let him out until he had recorded to our satisfaction.

Kevin’s current age is unknown to science, but is estimated to be between 15-25 000 years.

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