Eternal Black – Eternal Black

For those of you who feel you were born too late, here’s a little EP from a Brooklyn band that feels the same way. Eternal Black unload three tracks of retro-styled doom on their debut, self-titled EP.

Through a haze of grimy, overdriven tone and feedback the trio lay down seriously groovy, Wino-influenced doom riffs. They’ve got a swagger that keeps heads nodding and toes tapping. Often content to ride a main riff, they throw small curveballs in to keep things interesting. And the leads? Those screaming leads? They’re full of bloodshot soul.

The three tracks change the pace up ever so slightly but keep that classic doom groove going throughout. The riffs can get downright addicting and Eternal Black strike a good balance between low-end rumble and high-end leads. The bass even gets some time in the sun which is always nice to see.

If the many works of Scott “Wino” Weinrich (except his acoustic stuff) turn you on, Eternal Black is right there for you, man. Now only if it could make my hair grow.

Released on Obsidian Sky Records.

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