Black Wizard – New Waste


It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to listen to music that’s straight from the heart, fun and by musicians that wear their influences on their sleeves. But that’s just what this four piece from Vancouver are all about.

The band includes Adam Grant (vocals/guitar), Eugene Parkomenko (drums), Evan Joel (bass) and Danny Stokes (guitar) each of whom bring they own style to this party or good time heavy rock ‘n roll.

The songs here are all structured in a way that makes them infectious, groovy and might encourage some drinking, dancing and other forms of activities found at your local metal house party.

On “Revival” one might hear some great riffs that echo both sleep and Sabbath. Later, “Harsh Time” displays some great space rock and psyche sounds that would be the envy of Hawkwind.

This short album contains many great moments such as on “Laughing and Lost” with the band whipping out fantastic bluesy riffage and Deep Purple-esqe rock organ to keep heads nodding and ears full of sweet delights. It seems through this LP the band uses their influences to create songs that are not only great to headbang to but also to analyse and inspire. Adam’s vocals here are very effective in the above-mentioned area. He uses strong yells and screams that are grungy but spacey enough to blend into the neat doomy rock mixture created here.

If looking for the sounds and traditional metal of Motorhead, Priest, Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Sabbath one can look no further. Also for a new label debut, Listenable couldn’t have asked for a better album of catchy, crunchy and exciting songs. It could be exciting to see  some of these songs live and as well as where Black Wizard go on their next EP or LP.

(Listenable Records)

8.0 Rating