Wizard Eye – self-titled


When I think Wizard Eye, the first thing I see are the dreads—their frontman’s got the longest ‘locks this side of Jamaica. But that’s not to say this Philly stoner/doom trio’s music isn’t memorable in its own right.

Their self-titled sophomore effort starts out with “Eye of the Deep,” which gives us some wah-heavy stoner grooves a la Electric Magma begetting a buncha doom breakdowns towards the end. The intro tune is instrumental, but when the screams come on “Flying Falling,” they’re accompanied by some meaty riffs that remind me of Clutch s/t. “Graybeard” also sorta sounds like Magma, if you just add vocals.

“Drowning Daydream” out-terrifies COC with a thick, distorted Chandler-style doom riff and some stellar stop-starts, while “My Riposte is Like Lightnin” lives up to its name by virtue of its nimble stoner-rock footwork. And hey, I’d rather listen to Wizard Eye’s “Stoneburner” than the Portland-based band of the same name. (That said, the Mediterranean restaurant in Seattle seems pretty solid…)

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8.0 Rating