Shardborne – Living Bridges

Hailing from Limerick, Ireland (and thus, local lads!), Shardborne are on the right label with Out On A Limb, as they did a fine job with fellow Irish instrumental prog-metallers, Rest.

On ‘Not That Axis’, Shardborne are very reminiscent of Voivod circa ‘The Unknown Knows’, whereas ‘Qualia’ displays virtuoso jazz influences. In a sense, Shardborne are a prog-metal Hawkwind, plucking up whatever influence takes their fancy.

We live in a time where metal, which should be a music of freedom, is instead hampered by ‘culter than thou’ rules, set by an all-excluding ‘metal police’ that lays down the law according to its clique. Well, Sharborne are breaking the law then, achieving the amazing feat of melding a consistent identity with a pleasing diversity on each track.

For those who like their music to be uplifting, moving and adventurous, this is the perfect soundtrack to your life.

(Out on a Limb Records)


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